Artist Statement
My work seeks to present the viewer with a different way of seeing the world, where ordinary transforms into something extraordinary. Science and religion have established that there is much more to the world than meets the eye, that there is a “reality behind the reality”. It is the other reality that is focused on in my work. In addition there is a pleasure in working with opposing elements, which unite to become part of an overall whole. In a way, this integrative process that takes place in the art is also a metaphor for resolving the positive and negative aspects of life. Symbols are often used because they transcend language differences and are collectively understood by all cultures. Metaphor is preferred to realism, as it poetically conveys the intangible elements of our lives and suggests concepts so grand that that words can only hint at their reality.

About the Artist
Miriam Slater is a classically trained California artist who works in a variety of art styles, including surrealism, cubism, and classicism. While primarily a painter, she also has created a series of painted objects including chairs, violins, electric guitars and teacups. Her work also has applications in commercial design and she has worked with businesses and large corporations to create imagery that enhances a business’s identity. Slater's goal is to create work that is visually pleasing, relevant to our culture and time, and that also works at a functional level as well.