2016 was the year of pure, radiant color in my work

In 2016 my work shifted dramatically in its basic characteristics - the forms and designs became more "cosmic" and fluid, my colors were chosen to suggest the radiant light of more spiritual realms and so my art was covered in only pastels, luminous gold, silvers, and pinks. Generally speaking, my art has always been a consciously composed play of opposite elements but this was the year it became only about lightness and goodness. This was the result of some strong personal spiritual experiences that were cultivated in 2016. However, this glowing "light, life and love" period abruptly ended when the darker mood created by the elections in the United States came to the fore and so now I am back to incorporating the play of dark and light, good and evil, etc., that is ever present in our world. But 2016 was a wonderful year in which I got to experience "the light" in its purest form and so now, as we witness the epic changes going on in the world, it is at least nice to know that part of that light is always there to be accessed anytime.





Source: https://miriamslater.blogspot.com/2018/05/...