I am a German Expressionist at heart!

My mother was half German, so it is only natural that a German Expressionistic side would show up in my art at some point. The objects and other paintings I do are usually done in a more precise, controlled manner, but in this series of small paintings of women (begun in the middle 1980's) I let my expressionistic side go wild, with lots of distortions, odd proportions, unusual perspectives and harsh lines, with a dash of evil, all characteristics of German Expressionism.

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Tribal Belly Dancer Drawings

This series of drawings inspired by the well known tribal belly dancer Rachel Brice whose brilliant dancing style influenced the world of belly dance. Tribal belly dance is different and "darker" than its traditional counterpart, blending tradition with contemporary street dance and fashions.

In this series of paintings and drawings, I try to really play with form and distort it so as to bring out the character of the dancers. Their beauty is not conventional, rather they are "outsiders" in every sense of the word with their unique bodies that defy mainstream ideals.