Lorser Feitelson inspired box

This lacquer letter box was inspired by a striking Lorser Feitelson “Magical Space Form” painting done in the early 1940’s. The color scheme is based on Feitelson’s use of a limited palette consisting mostly of reds and greens as can be seen in his magical space form painting on the bottom left. On the box, the focus is on a similar darker red and green palette, employing a variety of tints, hues and chroma. Although playing card designs are often seen in the lacquer boxes in this series, this is the only box done in this amorphic, surreal style.

In the 1980’s I also made a series of very small magical space form inspired paintings (such as the one at the bottom right which is 3.5 x 2". More of my surreal paintings can be seen at miriamslaterart.com).